Important Announcement- Executive Council

NC-AATG is looking for our next Vice-President/President Elect.

Anyone at the University level who is interested in serving a 2-year term as VP and a 2-year term as President should contact Christina Weiler or Wendy Burgbacher.

The VP term will begin in the Summer of 2024




German Day 2024

UNC-Chapel Hill
Date: February 28, 2024

More details to come

Thank you to these German Day 2023 Organizers and/or Judges: (some participating teachers were organizers but not judges)

Elon Hosts and Organizers!: Kristin Lange, Scott Windham
Lead Organizer: Wendy Burgbacher
GD Website: Christina Weiler
Trophies: Lauren Brooks, Joe Rockelmann, Linda Horvath
Gift Cards, Financials: Linda Horvath
NC-AATG Website: David Lovin, Beth Gulewich
Art Contests: Ute Bartley, Jill Twark, Susanne Jones, David Smith
T-Shirts: Deron Hablutzel, Linda Horvath, Paul Maseman
Karaoke: Petra Martignoni, Susanne Jones
Kochsendung: Beverly Moser, Linda Horvath
Song Contests: Christina Weiler, Tatjana Zimbelius-Klem
Skits: Beverly Moser, Bre Alderfer, Yancey McMurry
Spelling Bee, Verb Bee: Linda Horvath, Carolyn Roberts
Kulturpokal: Lauren Brooks, James Brown
Poetry Recitation: Brigitte Woloszyn, Jill Twark
Extemp Speaking: Joe Rockelmann, David Smith
Chat Room: students from Elon, App State

Spring Meeting

March 2024
Location: TBA

 More info to come



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