Any educator of German or anyone interested in the teaching of German may join the North Carolina chapter (NCAATG) and the national organization (AATG). If you are interested in becoming a member, please consult our constitution and by-laws and read about membership benefits and fees on the AATG website. We would love to have you!

Membership begins on the date you register, which becomes your anniversary renewal date. Membership cycles no longer follow the calendar year. Once you become a member of AATG, and you register an address in North Carolina, you will automatically be assigned to the NC chapter and receive chapter meeting information and initiatives through our listserv and the AATG mail list.

NCAATG Listserv

If you are a member but have not been receiving messages through the NCAATG listserv, please click on the envelope icon in the top, right corner of the website to sign up. Contact our web administrator.

Special Courtesy: If you are a new K-12 teacher, we want you to join us and attend our meetings! To this end, NCAATG will be happy to pay your membership dues for your first membership year. (You then pay the next two years at the reduced rate of $45). Contact our NCAATG president, if you would like to take advantage of this offer. We would love to have you!

Life Membership in AATG $1,926


News from the national office:

AATG Life Membership dues are $1926 — in honor of AATG’s upcoming 100th anniversary in 2022.

Life membership is an investment in the future — both for you and AATG. Your life membership is (quite literally) invested, and the funds support your membership, along with AATG programs and services for teachers and students of German — now and perpetually in the future.

We know that $1926 is a lot to pay at one time, so AATG offers very flexible installment plans for Life Memberships. We can set up plans based on both monthly and quarterly payments, and we are even flexible on the amount of each payment. Contact Director of Member Services Marisa Minard at if you would like to get this started or if you have questions about payment plan options.

Of course, you’ll still be receiving the same benefits you’re accustomed to (the journals, special member prices on teaching materials, the quarterly newsletters and newsletters, invitations to AATG workshops and professional development seminars, etc.), and you’ll never have to worry about renewing.

Click here to become a life member.


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Please visit the AATG Web site for a full directory of all members of the North Carolina Chapter of the AATG. You must be a member to view this resource.

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