Awards for Educators

In addition to the “Best Article Award in the German Quarterly” and the “Best Article Award in Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German,” the following three awards are presented annually by the national office. Click here to see the Nominating Procedures for Awards. Please get involved and forward your nominations to the Awards Committee.

AATG Outstanding German Educator Award

Up to three awards are presented annually to an AATG member who exemplifies excellence at his/her level of instruction (K-8; 9-12; college/university).

AATG Friend of German Award

Up to to two awards will be given, one to a German educator, and one to an individual or organization outside of the German teaching profession, Each award recognizes outstanding support for and promotion of German and the study of German at the local, regional, or national level.

Centers of Excellence

AATG’s German Centers of Excellence program identifies and honors excellence at all levels of instruction K-16. The designation is presented to a well-established and growing German program with strong support from the administration, colleagues, alumni, parents, and students. Interested in having your school recognized as a German Center of Excellence?

German Embassy Teacher of Excellence Award

This award recognizes up-and-coming teachers for excellence in teaching, creativity, outstanding dedication, and enthusiasm for the German language. The prize includes a two-week professional development course in Germany, offered by the Goethe-Institut.

FL-A-CH Award

This award honors excellence in the teaching of the language and cultures of Austria, the German-speaking areas of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Südtirol in the US. German educators may be recognized for developing materials and activities for use in the classroom, research and scholarship, and/or leadership in projects that promote these cultures at home and abroad.

Checkpoint Charlie Foundation Teacher Award

The award, recognizing outstanding teachers of German who strengthen intercultural understanding, is presented annually to one K–12 and one college/university AATG member. Eligible recipients were not born or raised in a German-speaking country. The award includes a stipend for travel to Berlin to participate in the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation Enrichment Educational Program held in June.

Goethe-Institut/AATG Certificate of Merit

These awards are presented primarily to members of the teaching profession, although others who have furthered the teaching of German in schools in the United States, such as community members, business leaders, or political figures, have received these awards in the past.

Awards for Students

Every year the national office will also select outstanding high school students from regional chapters for the Study Trip Award. A nationally representative committee chooses the final award winners from among the candidates selected by the State Chapter Testing Chairs (Jill Twark for North Carolina; see Executive Council). For more information see the testing page on the national web site.

AATG/PAD Study Trip Award

Award I: Prize winners (not graduating seniors) receive round-trip group transportation from New York to Germany, spend a month living in Germany, attend classes at an academic high school, and participate in various excursions to places of cultural significance.

Award II: Graduating seniors receive round-trip group transportation from New York to Germany, where they are placed in groups with international students. In addition to a home-stay program, they also attend special seminars in other locations within Germany.