2013 National German Exam & Klett-Langenscheidt Award

The AATG has announced the recipients of the AATG/PAD Study Trip Award from the 2013 National German Exam. The national selection committee was very impressed with the many extraordinary learners of German and we are proud to say that three students from North Carolina were chosen to recieve awards. Congratulations to the following students and their teachers:

Geoffrey Balshaw, Carrboro High School, teacher: Christina Humphrey

Rachel Pomerantz, Providence High School, teacher: Linda Horvath

Benjamin Jones, Raleigh Charter High School, teacher: Petra Martignoni

Moreover, we would like to announce that this year’s Klett-Langenscheidt Award in recognition for outstanding effort and achievement in the study of German has been awarded to Robyn A. Witt. Robyn is a senior at RJ Reynolds High School and her German teacher is Brigitte Woloszyn. Robyn impresses with her German skills as well as with her knowledge about German culture and contemporary society! Congratulations to Robyn and her teacher!