Wendy Burbacher – Winner of the Goethe Institute AATG Certificate of Merit. Congratulations to Wendy Burgbacher and Jo Garrison! Wendy was awarded the Goethe Institut/AATG Certificate of Merit, and Jo received the AATG Outstanding German Educator award! NCAATG is accumulating an impressive roster of national award winners! We are lucky to have such great colleagues.

2014 Klett-Langenscheidt Award for Outstanding Teaching

This year, we are also fortunate to be able to present one Klett-Langenscheidt Award in recognition for outstanding teaching. This year’s recognition has been awarded to Mr. Nabeel Kandah! Nabeel, who had quite a few students participate in the national German Award and supported several wonderful applications for the AATG/PAD Study Abroad trip. Congratulations, Nabeel! The award will be presented at our next chapter meeting in the fall! Thanks to everybody who participated in the 2014 National German Exam! North Carolina had another strong showing.